2020 IS FIGUREOUTABLE!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁

Hello people

Happy New Year from Me to You!!

Sincere apologies for staying off for over a year, thanks to those who reached out and kept asking when we are starting again…. We have Started!!!


I’m here to give you tips for 2020 you won’t get anywhere

I’m here to make you understand you don’t have to be pushed because everyone is writing resolutions,take your time you’ve 12 months to make a difference.

All you have to do in 2020 and every challenge you will go through is FIGUREOUTABLE

I’m currently Reading A book by Marie Forleo

This is the best book I’ve read,it speaks to me in so many ways and its meant for YOU

I’m here to tell you today :

  1. You don’t have to start in January please rest till you’re ready. (I didn’t say sleep)
  2. When your ready to start push yourself to do your best “2020 may not give you everything but give it everything “- salemkinging on Instagram
  3. Don’t write 30 new year resolutions you won’t achieve 10.
  4. Hire a life coach cos you need one,Pay him/her to teach you and you’ll crave success. A coach will help you crush your goals.
  5. Make money because money answers all things Ecclesiastics 10:19
  6. Read books and not memes.
  8. 2020 is FIGUREOUTABLE. You don’t have to worry just take time to think and work you’ll figure out everything.


As you’re about to discover, everything is figureoutable is more than just a fun phrase to say. It’s a practical, actionable discipline. A mantra that helps you operate at your best and achieve what you want. It’s a mindset to help you solve meaningful problems, learn new skills, and find ways to help and contribute to others. Once adopted, this attitude will make you virtually unstoppable

Be unstoppable in the most profound sense. Meaning that nothingβ€”no thing, no person, no fear, no limitation, no circumstanceβ€”will ever again have the power to hold you back.

Your innate power is immense. Your potential is limitless. You are unique, valuable, capable, and worthy of the dreams in your heart. Most of all, you have what it takes to transform and transcend whatever challenges you face.

there can be no significant change in the world unless we first have the courage to change ourselves. In order to change ourselves, we must first believe we can.

Together, we’ll use this one simple belief, everything is figureoutable, to activate our inherent ability to transform our lives and, by doing so, instigate meaningful change around us. Which is exactly why this book is in your hands right now.
We need you. We need your heart, your voice, your courage, your joy, your creativity, your compassion, your love, and your gifts now more than ever

If you’ll like to have a copy of this book

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Thanks for reading

I love you!!!!


Hey lovelies.. Thank God we are still alive and we’re getting better each day . Today’s write up is on ACADEMIC LAZINESS

Let’s get this straight, I need help so too most of us need help when it comes to this so I am going to be needing tips from those who have been able to overcome academic laziness and I will be sharing mine..

Academic Laziness is the disinclination to academic activities or a feeling of no interest to school work… It’s also known as Academic Indolence.

Bragging has always had it’s way in the classroom despite how unfortunate and unbecoming it is. Academic laziness has become a feat of achievement though it’s nothing short of petty. It’s commonplace to be waiting for a class to begin and two students engaged in a conversation and one is like “I don’t even know how the content page of that text book looks like” and the other replies “smh I decided not to buy the textbook “They laugh in agreement and commend themselves.

I don’t know why we feel this way sometimes ,this nonchalant attitude to books or to anything concerning reading.. Most times even when we have something quite important to attend to we care less. We can decide to even sleep or do something that is of zero benefit to us.

Though Laziness is poisonous to both the perpetrating students and their peers it’s suggestive of an overarching problem and it’s not just in academics but in all spheres of life. If it continues it could have negative effect to our grades and worst to our future endeavors. it sounds horrible right?? Here’s some tips that could help you overcome laziness in studying.

1.Be comfortable: Always be in a place that could help you relax your mind and focus on studying.

2.Make a study plan :Organise yourself well and set everything like a calendar know when it’s the time for everything and my sweetheart Dasola always tell me “Set Your Priorities Right ”

3.Take One Step At A Time: Making that bold step of becoming academically active is good but don’t drain yourself all of a sudden.. Take it bit by bit and always make sure you’ve achieved something.

4.Make a to do list:Planning is important,so don’t just study randomly

5.Remove all distractions:All distractions, though this might be difficult but try put aside distractions such as friends, phones etc

6.Find Motivation : Visualize yourself after studying and think of your possible outcome in this way you could study effectively.

7.Think About The Consequences :If after trying to motivate yourself it doesn’t work for you then think about the disadvantage of not studying and how your workload will continue to pile up until you take action.

8.Do Easier Task:Don’t push too much, take things easy sometimes give yourself a break.

9.Discipline Yourself : The bedrock of it all, even when you don’t feel like doing it anymore, when you feel like getting up and walking away Try and stick a little longer.

10.Reward Yourself : When you feel you have done a good job and you feel self fulfilled and you think you deserve some accolades..encourage yourself if possible take yourself out on a treat.

Sometimes when I feel like I don’t have strength for anything and I just want to lazy around, my mom will always tell me laziness is in the heart when you feel like “I don’t think I can” then surely you can’t but when you get up brace up to the challenge then you have the joy that you made it happen..

I am trying out these tips you do the same and believe. It Works!

How And When To Say It??

Hello lovelies

It’s been over a month I posted or even wrote, exams and stuff happened.. I have been trying to come up with something interesting… Thank God I did.

A very funny but annoying encounter I had today,i was sleeping jejely enjoying myself and someone woke me up from sleep and the person was like why would your brother post that on his status tell him to remove it,what kind of video is that?? My brother came and he was angry and insisted he won’t remove the video and I supported him because I felt there was nothing wrong with the video.

This is a video of a dog dancing one corner,i also posted that video and later removed it So this got me thinking??

Is Sex a topic that should be hidden??

Is Sex a topic meant for adults only??

How can Sex be explained to children??

When is the right time to say it??

I must state at this point this post is for matured minds, if u think u can’t handle it or you don’t like the topic please don’t bother reading further. Thank you

So let me start from the beniniging😁😁(if you’ve seen that video)

Puberty is a stage that must come in everyone’s life.. It is when a person is first capable of sexual reproduction,it surfaces with changes in the body. In our present world,children are more exposed to erotic ideas, sexual abuse and pornography etc but the bigger picture is making the child get the right information before getting exposed.

For example I am married, I had my first child and she is about 5 years old and I am pregnant again Thank God πŸ˜‚ I tell my daughter you are going to be a big sister soon she gets to school excited and tells her classmates and one of them whispers to her”Ehen your daddy and mummy have done bad thing together”. She is worried and she is scared ,”what did my daddy and my mummy do?? “She tells me what happened in school and I can’t scold her now but what do I tell her? Her classmate has gotten a very wrong orientation and I don’t want my child to be like that.

In my own opinion, what I am going to tell my child is simple but let me explain it in general terms :

0-4 years -Explain the parts of the body,the vital organs,why they shouldn’t play with some parts of their body. Daddy hugs mummy really tight and God gives them another baby .

5-7 years -make the child understand if someone touches him or her in some vital parts of the body,you should be told.

8-14 years-puberty has started occurring,girls start menstruating at this age. Guys start having wet dreams at the age of 8 and above at this stage you should go in details and tell the child what it’s all about but be careful and be sure you’re passing an information and not spoiling the kid.

For this to be achieved

  • You must have a good parent -child relationship, be close to your kids everyone of them .The bond should be built and they shouldn’t be scared of you. You don’t have to scold everytime or shout sometimes you can warn or talk.
  • Be observant and watchful and give the right information…because children are the primary victims of rape and Africa believes it’s the fault of whoever was raped.. Nobody sympathizes with a rape victim and it is wrong. Don’t tell a child who just started menstruating that if a man touches your skin anywhere you will get pregnant.. It’s wrong .
  • We are going to be mothers and fathers tomorrow some of us might have been victims of sexual harassment,assault or even rape but don’t let the next person suffer same,Before we become parents we are Already guardians in one way or the other.. LET THE CHANGE START FROM US.

I am hoping to get feedback and Comment on your view on this topic… Thank you 😍😍😘

It Hurts But Let It Go.

Happy new week !!!

I am going to be sharing what I learnt yesterday concerning forgiveness. People have different opinion on this :

Most people believe we can forgive, very few agree that we can forgive and forget. Let me explain how this works:

A person very close to you has done something very painful. You didn’t expect, didn’t see it coming. You can vouch for that person that he or she will never do this to you but it has happened.What have you done to deserve such treatment?? To worsen it the person might be blood related.

As they say, time heals pain within months if not years you have forgiven the person you didn’t die you overcame that trouble but have you forgotten it??

When you see that person do you still remember that incident??

Do you remember all you lost because of what he or she did?? πŸ€”

These are questions we are to answer. I am here to share few tips on how to let go of the hurt and move on :

  1. We can forgive and we should forgive
  2. It is only when a person is suffering from loss of memory that he or she can be able to forget meaning the event can’t be erased from our memory. You need to always remember it so you don’t make that mistake again and get hurt the second time.
  3. The pain and hurt will eventually go away if you so desire, To save yourself from mental and health risk you have to let it go. The fact that you still and will always remember the event and you will always see that person does not mean you still feel the pain you once felt. You have erased it from your emotions and not from your memory and you can laugh cos you are thankful for the lessons you learnt.
  4. The relationship that once existed between you and that person may sometimes not return to way it used to be. No problem it’s fine but don’t forget it’s a small world you might actually need that person’s help in future and he or she can be the only person to save you from a situation as the case maybe.
  5. There’s no one in this world who has not offended someone and there’s no one who has not been offended before which means we should forgive just the same way we have been forgiven by others .
  6. Above all, God Almighty does not count our sins and transgressions it’s enough reason to forgive. Psalm 130:3$4 says if God should mark our iniquities who will stand?? But he has forgiveness so we can fear him. Jesus said 70 times 7 meaning as long as the person says “I AM SORRY” forgive. Even if the person doesn’t Let it go. To keep on recalling it and feel grief is wrong.
  1. I also learnt that we can be able to forget how that person wronged us and everything about it,depending on the level of forgiveness. We should pray about it and allow God to lead, the hurt and event will be erased. I want us all to give it a thought .Do have a Lovely Week ahead. 😊

What can a meaningless relationship do for you??

Knowing fully well that Β good relationships have a way of building one’s self worth, self goals and achievements but it seems as if so many are in meaningless relationships and sometimes they want to make themselves feel good and encourage themselves even when they know they are not gaining anything.

Recently, for the past one month I have heard a lot of stories about battery in relationships,giving him school fees to go into a business trusting him to get good profit so he could refund. At this point I want to ask “are you high?” “did he charm you”

A very funny story I heard yesterday was that a guy used his girlfriend’s schools fees to play naira bet and he never won for one day, he takes her phone withdraws money without her knowledge and he will delete the alert to give you guys hint her school fees for a private university and the stupid part is that the guy Is in his final year and she is just gaining admission.

There are also girls who are in relationships where they are being beaten not allowed to say a word In their relationships. First of all, any man who raises his hand on a woman is a coward no matter how she runs her mouth this doesn’t give women the right to talk as they like but it is wrong for a man to beat a woman.

There are girls Who belong to the category of they live with their boyfriends obviously they have sexual dealings with them but the bigger issue they have done several abortions for him and in your mind you think he will marry you. Keep dreaming bitch.

How do you know if you are in a meaningful relationship??

What are you gaining spiritually??

What moral values has he added to your life??

Financially speaking is he capable to stand on his own as a man??

Does he have plans for his future where does he see himself in the next 5 to 10 years??

Are you part of his goals ??

How is he helping your life to be a better woman and better person??

These are questions that you should ask yourself .

My sister after asking yourself all this questions and more and you don’t have good results… Leave him, Stop comforting yourself that he will change, stop deceiving yourself that you pray for him and God hears prayers. The truth is he is the only one who can initiate that change.

Lest I overstress this issue,

My dad said something to me “my dear The man you will end up with tomorrow God already knows it’s left for him to bring you two together when the time is right ”

Leave him before it is too late there are still decent guys out there, Don’t think you have gone too far for a man to accept you after all this mistakes.

Ask God for help

Seek his face and he will see you through this phase.

In the middle

A friend of mine jokingly said to me one day”leave my sister Go and play with your own” and I laughed so hard and said “my mom will have another girl someday ”

They all laughed about it but i cried about it, funny though but that was my wish from time immemorial, I prayed for a sister, OK an elder sister wasn’t possible anymore then a younger sister will do

I needed someone I could actually spank,scold,hug,beat,keep secrets with and do everything with together..

I became very rough cos I was always playing with my younger brother and then I forget I am girl, I fought with him several times and I was the one getting the wounds. They leave the house and tell you don’t even move from this place mummy is coming back and you tell your mom I want to see my friend she tells you to go and read your book or you sleep… You tell your dad your friends are going to visit someone and he tells you they can go without you.

When I grow out of clothes, it’s given out.. Why can’t my sister wear my clothes?? Because there was no sister ..

Then above all you prayed for a sister to lighten the burden and she never came..

Let’s be sincere to ourselves we can’t tell our parents everything, we cant tell our friends every shit going on in our life..

I don’t know about you but speaking for myself, I can’t tell my mom I am crushing on that boy….. Be doomed.

I can’t tell everyone everything there was the need for a sister who would listen and not condemn you, who will look up to you and say big sister I believe you

I couldn’t have told my mom everything, even up till now I can’t tell her everything.

Going down Memory Lane, few months to 19years of age I have come to realize that I am special

I have come to realize I don’t want a sister anymore

I now understand I can actually do this on my own.

I realized blood ties doesn’t count anymore, I want to reach out to girls and be their sister

I want to give myself a sense of fulfillment and make my family proud that just a girl is sufficient for them

I want to completely forget everything I have been through, the tears I have shed,the hurt I have felt, the pain I have suffered, the insults I have received never to forget the good things I have received,the special treatment because she is ADANNADI,the good things God has continue to do for me and the sense of pride when I raise my shoulders high and tell people I am in the middle of two guys..

In a bid to finish my first write-up,

I am reaching out every girl out there who is and was in my shoes that we are Gods beautiful gift to our parents…thank you